Saturday, December 4, 2010

News Flash

So, a lots of things have happened since I last wrote. First, the woman and man, who I now call mamma and daddy, found a mother cat and her kittens. I smelled her, the mama, and she smelled like another kitty, so I went and sniffed Wanda, my sister, and no, it wasn’t her, and I sniffed Penny Candy, my other sister, and it wasn’t her. Then, she kept going out to the garage and taking food, water, and more food. I sniffed at the door and heard her talking to the mama cat. “Here,” she said, “eat and drink, you’ll feel better.” I thought the mamma cat must be sick. I waited but didn’t get to see her. Later, when the mama and daddy were talking, I heard what happened. The mother cat had five kittens, two had died. The other three were in bad shape. The mother cat had blood on her and was too weak to clean herself off or even eat. I heard the man say, “we don’t have money to take them to the doctor.” So, every hour, the mama went to the garage, and worked with the mother and took strange little bottles with her and fed the kittens. The man went too. Sometimes, she mixed karo and salt together in warm water and back out she went to give to the mama cat. After a few days, I heard the mama say that the mama cat was doing better, eating on her on, and feeding the babies. There was a runt to. She wasn’t eating well, so the mama fed her with a bottle and took care of her special, like she did with me. When the mama cat was strong, and attached to the mama, she the daddy brought them into the house, to the mama’s office and they closed the door. Sometimes, I could sniff under the door and the mama cat sniffed back. Penny and Wanda were crazy, trying to see what was on the other side of that door, but I knew. One night, when everyone was sleeping, the woman took me into the room and let me see the babies. They were so tiny and they meowed with their entire face. The mama cat, who is now Kitkat, hissed at me. I got my feelings hurt. I just wanted to sniff them, but she said, mewooooos, which means, get away.

Then, the kittens and Kitkat liked me and they all came out of the room and walked around. The kittens started eating food and still sucked and then one of the mama’s friends took the yellow kitty and another friend took the runt. So, then we had one kitty and the mama cat, who kept getting fatter and fatter. One day, the woman took Kitkat away. She said, say bye to Kitkat, she is going to live with the kids. I know what that means. She won’t be back. So now we are Me, Penny Candy, Wanda Sue, and our new baby sister, Cinnamon Sunday.

Just last night, the daddy said, “I’m so happy Kitkat is gone.” The woman said, “Me too. Her poop really stunk.” Then she added, “She seems to like living with the kids.” The man said, “Yep, she is right at home.”

So for Christmas I want all the outside cats that don’t have a human to love to be found. I want them all to be warm and have full bellies, and get lots of pets, like us.

The End. Oh, I forgot, remember when the doctor told my mama that I am almost blind, and that I am mentally challenged? Well, the mama says mentally challenged cats are often starving on the street cause the humans don’t like cats that are not perfect. She then said that no matter what, Ginger, that’s me, is the smartest and most beautiful cat in the world. Am I lucky or what? But then I keep forgetting that the doors might be closed and I run into them and bump my head. Also, the other girls, my sisters, keep playing mean tricks on me.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It has been a long, long time since I wrote. I’d say it was because I’s having a lots of fun, but that is only a little bit of why I have been not on here. The main reason is the woman has been busy doing conferences and studying for the comps stuff. And, she is teaching a lot of extra classes and doing a lot of work with kids. I don’t like the kids. They are unpredictable.

I have another new sister. Remember Penny Candy? Well, she is big and at Christmas, the woman rescued a cat that was abandoned, . That means, mean people just left her. Yeah, they’s real mean too cause she is always afraid that peoples will hit her and not feed her. She covers her food with the man’s socks and the woman said it was cause she was not sure there would be more food. That’s silly, the woman always feeds us and would never hit us. She only has fur rubs and scratches for us. The new cat’s name is Wanda Sue.

So, we gots this new kitty and she is grey and has blue eyes and is a little older than Penny. The woman got them both fixed and then we had to go for more shots and checks up. That’s when the doctor said he thought I was different. The woman covered my ears and he said that Ginger is mentally challenged and partially blind. The woman says that makes me special and all the more reason to love.

Something else new is that the woman says when she finishes the PhD work, we are moving far away. That we’ll live in a big city and there will be cold wind and lots of snow. Or, she says, we might live in the hot desert where there are tall prickly trees and hot sun. I cannot wait to have a new home. I think the mice in the new home might be more friendly than the mice here. Penny can catch the mice and she lets me sniff them and play with them. The woman still screeches.

Oh, then Penny, Wanda, and I were in the garage and a snake came under the door. I didn’t see it, but I head the other girls chasing it. Then Penny caught it and was trying to eat it but it kept slivering around and she would jump. I got real close and saw it and it was all wiggly and I tried to touch it. Then, the woman picked it up with the dustpan. That was the end of the snake adventure. The woman said, girls, you cannot eat a snake. She is good to have outside where she can catch mice. And then she let her go out side under the bushes. Penny meowed and meowed. We never get to eat live food. But, the woman said a crazy man at a live shrimp.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where there's smoke

And so the woman brought in big thick and thin sticks of wood. I smelled them and they made me excited. I think I smell birds on them and squirrels. My sister, Penny, went nuts. She tried to climb up one that was leaning and it rolled. Then when the woman was starting the fire in the fire place, the kitty tried to get in and the woman kept saying get back. I am a big girl and know not to play with fire. Then, smoke started rolling out of the fireplace and the woman moved the logs so the fire would go out and then the smoke was making her cough and I was scared for her and then she got our carrier and then she put us in and then she took us to the car and then she went back and opened all the windows and then I was afraid she wasn’t coming back and that the smoke would eat her and I couldn’t see and Penny was crying and I was trying to make her stop and then I hear the woman and she is in the car and turns the carrier around and she is breathing hard and loud and she uses her white breathing thing and says, what the fuck. So, we sat in the car and she let us out of our carrier and we sat on the dashboard so we could see and waited for hours. She called the man and said she smoked the house all up and that the fire alarms were going crazy and she couldn’t breathe and was trying to get the girls in their carrier to get them outside. She kept saying we’re fine. I’m fine. Don’t come home. Then, she read, we played, and finally she put us back in our carrier and we went back inside. That was our late afternoon and evening. The house still smells like burned oak, but there is no smoke.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Enough is Enough

Penny is really a pain in the butt. She does all these really bad things and I get in trouble for. Like she plays in the litter box. The woman will clean it and make it all nice and fresh and then Penny gets in and starts slinging the litter stuff everywhere and onto the floor and the woman says, Girls, that means me too, quit making such a mess. See, I get the blame too. Then, she spills the food bowl and splashes in the water bowl and knocks things off the cabinet. Well, I admit that I sometimes do that too, but I don’t knock off breakable things, she does. And, she tries to get my warm spot by the woman . So, yesterday, she kept being a brat and so I held her down and then she got loose and bit me on my lip and my ear and so I got really mad and so I held her down and ate her belly with my teeth. She laughed at first but then she cried and I let go and the woman said, Ginger, don’t eat the baby. I wasn’t eating her, I was biting her and hurting her for all those times that she hurted my lip. When she bites my lip, the woman never says, Penny, don’t bite Ginger’s lip. No. So, having a baby sister is not all that is built up to be. Plus, she keeps trying to bite my titties. Why does she do that?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We are a big family

For my birthday and the welcome of the new kitty, the man and woman got us this great big climbing sleeping thing and we can scratch it without getting fussed at. And, we got new toys that we can chase and balls we can roll and I love living here. Oh, and the woman got us some more catnip and I like that. The baby kitty, well, she is good. We bathe together, sleep together, and play together. It’s nice when I’m here by myself with the woman and man leave to work and I have the baby to play with. Plus, she is warm and snuggly. Sometimes she bites my lips and my ears and I have to hold her down. The other day, the woman took her to the vet and when she came back the kitty was crying and I cuddled her. Then the woman said that we both go in three weeks for our boosters and for nail clippings. I don’t mind nail clippings. All the doc does is gently cut the sharp point off. One time the woman painted them red and I didn’t like that and tried to lick it off. The woman said that was big mistake, so she hasn’t painted them again. Soon, we get to play on the back porch. I like that too.
I am now the big kitty and the baby is the little kitty and we are both sweety.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penny Candy

So, the woman took the kitty away. I heard the kitty crying and saw the woman carrying the box that she puts me in to take me places. Then, I took a nap and she came back with the kitty and said it was okay for the kitty to really meet me and that the kitty didn’t have bad diseases. So, she let the kitty stay in the carrier for a little while then she opened it and I saw it and smelled it and ran. Once the kitty started running and I chased her and tripped her. It was fun. But then the woman said be careful.
I didn’t like the kitty at first cause it so loud and cried all the time but then I liked it and gave her a bath and cuddled her for a little while. I think the kitty is fun. Now if the woman would just give me my mouse back.
So, the kitty’s name is Penny. Penny Candy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Small Things

I like chasing crickets and pushing them around and holding them down and biting off their legs. It makes the woman squeal, no kitty. I also like mice. I like to stalk them and stare them down and wait for them to sneak out from under the stove, and I chase them. The other night, I caught one and the woman was reading and the man said, what has she got, and the woman said, whore doll, and the man said, unless whore doll grew a tail, I don’t think so, then I ran to give it to the woman and when I jumped to get in her lap and give her the wiggly mouse, she screamed, oh my god, she has a tail hanging out of her mouth, get it. The man, laughed, and I dropped my mouse at her feet and she went nuts. (I’ve said, she has issues). But, when I dropped the mouse, it ran and I chased and caught it and it was fun. But, the man took that mouse and put it outside. Then the woman said, I’m putting out poison. I don’t care about PETA.
Then, they left and were gone for hours and I was worried but when they came home, they had a carrier, like mine, and inside was this little squeaky thing, and I thought, yeah, they brought me a mouse, and I ran down the hall. They put it in the spare room and I tried to look under the door and could barely squeeze my paw under and I meowed and then I heard it: a kitten. A tiny kitten going meowwwwing and the woman holding it and snuggling with it. The man went in too and they said, no Ginger, you stay here. So, all weekend, I’ve had my nose to the floor trying to catch a glimpse of this new kitten. The woman said, after we know that she doesn’t have diseases, you can meet her. Where did they get this kitty that it would have diseases? EWWWW.